Making Windows for the Electric Forest

Making these windows was a painstaking process to say the least. This was my first time working with this lightweight translucent fabric, and my first time using tape (instead of thread) to hold the pieces of fabric together.

Here’s 6 hours of work distilled down to 70 seconds. Over the next couple weeks, I made a dozen more of these windows.

I don’t think I could have done it without the vacuum table to hold all these fabric pieces in perfect position.  I am wearing noise-canceling headphones to silence the din of the table’s blower, and to listen to audio books while I work.  This single project was so extensive, I completed 7 novels.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

One thought on “Making Windows for the Electric Forest

  1. Outstanding! I've been making a living doing my own airspace work and effects for 25 years with some Very talented people, done my share of high profile events, and know many players in the industry. Your work and vision is something I would aspire to! BTW: Given your festival experience, have you ever thought to bring something visionary to "local" boogies or the big one @ Quincy, Illinois? Or have you truly left skydiving.
    behind? Just saying.

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