Sherwood Forest 2012 – The Vision

Sherwood Forest 2012 – The Vision

With its extreme verticality and narrow shaft of light, the main walkway through the Sherwood Forest has always reminded me of the nave of a magnificent gothic cathedral. With little imagination, the tree trunks become rows of stone columns holding up an elaborate vaulted ceiling of branches and leaves. My idea is to expand on this theme by adding the elements which Nature has overlooked: windows and light.

Stained Glass Windows

I have created a series of brand-new stained glass windows and chandeliers, specifically designed for the forest.

At each end of the main path, I will place a large, circular, rose style window that, when combined with Guildworks’ stretch fabric installation, will mark the entrance to our forest cathedral.

Along the sides of the main path, I will place giant gothic arched stained glass windows that will be illuminated at night.

Giant Lanterns

Over the secondary path, I will hang giant, internally illuminated inflatable lights inspired by classic lanterns of iron and glass.

Off the paths, in the tree and hammock zones, I will hang an assortment of inflatable solar-powered crystal chandeliers that I designed along with Matthias Allar, a German artist who specializes in sealed-air vinyl inflatables. This new style of inflatable lighting is being designed specifically for the forest, and will allow for easier installation without the need for electricity.

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